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Water Treatment

Like many natural elements, the composition of the water that arrives at your tap is more complex than the combination of one hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms.

Water TreatmentAdditional mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium enter the water stream making the water's impact harder. Hard water requires more detergent to get your clothes and dishes clean, while making it more difficult to clean your shower and sink surfaces. The spots left behind on your shower stall and dishes are the result of calcium deposits in hard water. Hard water shortens the life of appliances; dishwashers, coffeemaker, washing machine, etc.

What can water treatment services do for you? Showering with softer water can even leave your skin soft and your hair more shiny and manageable. From a mechanical perspective, soft water can reduce the soap scum in your tub that can be difficult to clean and it lessens the mineral deposits that can restrict the maximum amount of water moving through your pipes. Soft water extends the life of your dishwasher and washing machine.

Completing your cleaning tasks can be much easier when the water you're using is a complement to the process rather than an obstacle. Contact us to find out more about the water treatment products we offer including the water softener systems available through Isley's Home Service, Inc.

The water that flows through the tap may be rated as safe to drink, but that doesn't mean it tastes good.

The minerals in water often leave an aftertaste you'd rather do without. The technology of reverse osmosis filters tap water to remove nearly all of the unpleasant minerals and bacteria that is inhabiting your water supply. For the freshest supply of water for drinking and cooking, Isley's relies on the technology of Ultima water treatment systems. You'll notice the cleaner taste of beverages, ice cubes and foods that require water in their preparation.

Water treatment products such as water filtration systems in the office environment are an added benefit for your employees and clients who conduct business at your establishment.

Every Phoenix office provides drinking water for their employees and visiting clients, either through the use of bottled water coolers, drinking fountains or beverage vending machines. Reduce the cost of bottled water contracts and save the vending machine space for other beverages with an Ultima reverse osmosis system in your office.

With the Ultima water treatment systems from Isley's, your water will taste better, you'll save money on cleaning products, and you will extend the life of your plumbing and your water-consuming appliances.

With Isley's, every repair provides peace of mind with a one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our certified technicians will arrive in fully stocked service vehicles ready to respond to emergency calls 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We use quality parts for all repairs.

Ask about our TLC Maintenance Plans for your air conditioning and heating system. You will receive a FREE plumbing inspection ever year with TLC agreement!

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