Plumbing Service

Plumbing Service

With the convenience of indoor plumbing we've come to expect water to run when we turn on the faucet and drain when we've finished using it. When this process fails to happen it creates an environment that is intolerable.

Nothing sets your teeth on edge more than a toilet that won't flush or a shower that won't drain. Even a backed-up kitchen sink will taint the area dedicated to making meals for your family. Contact Isley's Home Service, Inc. and we will quickly dispatch a master technician to determine the problem and apply the appropriate solution.

We perform the following residential and commercial plumbing services:

  • drain cleaning
  • water heater repair, installation, replacement and service
  • fixture upgrades
  • fixture replacement including faucets, shower valves, hose bi bs, and pressure reducing valves
  • gas and water line service and repair
  • pipe replacement and repair
  • indoor and outdoor slab leak detection and repair
  • sewer pipe repair
  • sewer line location and camera
  • leak location
  • leak repair
  • garbage disposal installation and repair
Your plumbing system performs two functions. Installed and maintained properly, it is a supply system, which delivers pressured water to your faucets, fixtures, outside hose bibbs and landscape watering systems. It also drains and directs water away from your faucets and fixtures through channels of piping. When those piped pathways get clogged you can trust Isley's to arrive with the tools to clear the blockage. To reduce the impact of future build-up, Isley's also offers a Bio-Clean®enzyme product to maintain the flow between services.

While gas piping resembles plumbing pipes, it is used to provide natural gas to any gas-fired appliances, including those used to heat your water. Your gas and plumbing are a complex systems that needs the skill of a master technician to provide a diagnosis, a repair and service to keep it in working order.

Over time, the elements can take a toll on your pipes, causing them to leak or burst. If left unresolved, you could be setting yourself up for greater repair costs and even greater headaches.

When it comes to the pipes that make up your plumbing system, trouble in one room of your property, can impact your plumbing performance in other areas. Whether it's a clog or a damaged copper or polybutylene pipe, Isley's can not only detect the leak or clear the clog, they will also repair the pipe to restore the integrity of your plumbing system.

For more complicated leaks, Isley's is prepared to locate the leak electronically, and repair leaks that occur under your cement slabs.

An abundance of hot water for showers, laundry and dish washing is essential to maintaining a home.

Without hot water to perform our regular cleaning chores, our health and the comfort of our home is compromised. You may not realize how much you depend on running hot water until you no longer have it. Isley's can restore hot water to your tap with a simple water heater repair or replacement. There's no plumbing issue Isley's can't remedy. In many cases, other plumbing companies will not address specialty water heater problems such as those that occur with mobile homes. Not only will Isley's respond to these types of calls but they are also known for their skillful service throughout the Valley's mobile home communities.

With water heaters lasting anywhere between 8 to 10 years, you can trust Isley's to give you the facts regarding the best tips and options for energy efficiency should you need to replace your water heating system. From the traditional water heater storage container to the new tankless water heaters that heat water, or Instant hot water devices for your cooking needs, Isley's has the latest information and expertise for their maintenance and repair needs.

Even small jobs like bathroom and kitchen fixtures should be installed with expert skill.

With a bathroom or kitchen remodel or just in those instances where you're ready for a new look, it may seem simple to purchase a new bathroom or kitchen fixture. However, to help prevent leaks and water damage, your best course of action is to rely on the expertise of Isley's for all of your fixture upgrades.

The office restrooms and the employee break room, are prime reasons to have a skilled plumber on your contracted service provider list.

Often your place of business can feel like a home away from home. As such, the indoor plumbing conveniences you are accustomed to at home also apply to the business environment. Whether there's no hot water to wash your hands or a slow draining sink in the break room, Isley's is ready to make your office plumbing system more productive.

Ready to respond to 24-hour emergency calls seven days a week with fully stocked service vehicles, our certified technicians only use quality parts for all repairs. Every repair provides peace of mind with a one year warranty on all parts and labor.
Ask about our TLC Maintenance Plans for your air conditioning and heating system. You will receive a FREE plumbing inspection ever year with TLC agreement!

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Isley’s Home Service, Inc. is proud to be an APS, SRP and Southwest Gas Qualified Contractor. All of our technicians are Master Heat Pump Technicians, which means we strive for continual education as our promise to be an industry leader, Serving Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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